“Sashenka is a great listener and hence someone with whom new ideas can be raised, discussed and developed which, coupled with her innate enthusiasm and engagement, gives her a huge advantage as a coach and mentor.”  – Chris Blackburn, Pro Vice-Chancellor & Dean of Oxford Brookes Business School

“Sashenka was an incredible coach for me and my leadership team. We are an early stage startup, and Sashenka did an extensive 3 month coaching program with four of us both in groups and individually. As a group, she led us through a series of very effective exercises that culminated in an identity pyramid for our whole organization. As individuals, Sashenka worked with each of us on our key strengths and weaknesses. We did the best strategic thinking in the history of the company while working with Sashenka, and each participant had nothing but incredible praise for the process.”  – Giffin Daughtridge, CEO, UrSure

“Sashenka helped me work through some work-related challenges with tailored one-to-one coaching sessions. These really helped clarify things and provided me with a clear direction going forward. I’d recommend this approach to anyone who needs to either work through a difficult situation or simply plan more effectively for the future. In addition, Sashenka delivered an Assertiveness workshop for my team, an essential pre-requisite for team effectiveness. Pre-workshop tasks were issued to the team which helped focus individual attention on the subject matter. The workshop was well structured, interactive and was generally acknowledged as extremely useful by all attendees, even for those already familiar with the subject.”  – Steve Schofield, Head of Development and Support, ContactPartners Ltd

“I was coached by Sashenka as part of my internship at Oxford Brookes. I found she came at just the right time, and with her coaching, I approached difficult challenges in my first year of work with a different perspective. Her enthusiasm and support encouraged me to face and conquer these challenges. I found I have a different outlook as I approach the next stage of my career, and this in part is due to Sashenka’s coaching and the energy she brought to our sessions. I would recommend Sashenka’s coaching to anyone in need of coaching, or just a bit of clarity in their lives. I am confident Sashenka would be able to make a difference in any area that coaching could help with.”  – Katie Hannam, HR intern, Oxford Brookes University